Land Surveys

HSM provides professional boundary determinations.

A boundary survey perfomed by a Registered Land Surveyor is

oftentimes the first step in commencing with your project.  A

proper survey provides insurance against costly difficulties that

may arise as the project progresses.    


Determination of exact property boundaries is a function not

merely of ground measurements, but is an assessment of all

relevant evidence, including both physical objects, oral

testimony, written documentation and survey plats. A

professional boundary survey will integrate all of this evidence 

in coming to a final conclusion as to where property corners and

boundary lines actually are.

Land Surveying is distinguished from other types of

surveys by the need to understand legal principals

of evidence and with the application of relevant statutes

and codes when assisting a landowner with his goals for

a particular piece of property.  The start of any proper

Land Survey begins with thorough and competent

Research.  Procedure of the ensuing Boundary Survey

will be dictated by the record data that created the

subject parcel and a comprehensive analysis of the

record is vital. While not "advocating" for the interests

of a client, a Professional Land Surveyor does provide

direction and conclusions that enable a landowner or

resource manager to bring his plans, such as Subdivision

or Easement creation, to fruition.

HSM provides the Research required for Boundary and

Land-Status assessment. 

Our staff has performed diligent research in support of AK-DOT

ROW mapping, State Owned Mineral Rights, Section Line

Easement Determinations, USACE Permitting, Subdivisions,

Slope Easements, Driveway Easements and assorted Boundary

Surveying situations.  Our reporting of the findings is thorough

and suitable for whoever the end-user may be. 


HSM can provide service to those wishing to subdivide

their land.

From preliminary planning to field surveys, from Pre-Plat

meetings to Final Plat submittals, our staff will assist the client in

fulfilling the requirements imposed upon him by the various

platting authorities.

Our primary experience is with the Mat-Su Borough Platting

Authority and with the State of Alaska Unorganized Borough

Platting Authority.

We enlist local engineering and title companies, creating a team

that  works to serve both the interests of landowners and that of

the public at large through fulfillment of relevant code.

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