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Engineering surveys provide the Basis for

investigations and analyses performed by a variety

of professionals involved in designing, managing and

utilizing our natural resources and infrastructure.

They include establishing the foundational 

Control Networks
 for a project performing the various

campaigns of Survey Data Acquisition and 

necessary to support the particular range of

professionals involved in the project, and finally

performing mapping and analyses of the survey data

in those areas within the realm of measurement

expertise, such as volumetrics, quality control

assessments, and monitoring in fields such

Construction Control and Support
 HSM provides comprehensive original field survey

data acquisition services.

Our staff has many years of experience with engineering design

surveys and we understand what data needs to be collected in

the field. Complete Topographic and Planimetric Data

Acquisition entails integration of a variety of measurement

methods. Scanners, RTK GNSS, Aerial Sensors, Hydrographic

Echo Sounders, and Total Stations all have a role as determined

by the circumstance. 

We strive to present our data to the client in a format most useful

to them. From AutoCAD Drawings and Objects to GIS Shapefiles

and Geodatabases, we understand that our data must seamlessly

integrate with the workflows of our clients. 

HSM  offers survey support to the Construction

Industry from Contract Award through to Close-out


We start with the building of complete Digital Models of all design

elements of the project, converting these models to formats

compatible with the contractor’s GPS Machine Control

equipment and the Grade Checker’s layout software. Prior to

construction, we merge the project control with the

supplemental control necessary for the routine tasks of

construction and offer pre-construction mapping of the project

area. Integration of the Original Ground data with the design

models allows us to provide timely quantity estimating, and

eases the integration of design changes that arise. As the project

progresses, we provide Volume Analysis, Quality Control,

WeeklyProgress Reporting, Closeout Deliverables.
 HSM provides foundational Survey Control

Networks that serve as a Basis for projects undertaken

by a diverse group of people including engineers,

geologists, designers, builders, planners, and resource

We create usable project data frameworks

that these professionals can rely on while they pursue

their own areas of expertise.

From the smallest local project to the largest of engineering

projects, a quality preliminary control survey is critical to its

success. Surveys of this type of work require technical

understanding, adherence to quality control measures, and an

ability to convey the control parameters to the end users.

Our staff is experienced in designing and implementing both

small local and large geodetic surveys that serve as the

foundation for a variety of development projects. From Aerial

Survey Control Networks, to AK-DOT Highway and Runway

Design and Construction Projects, to Corps of Engineers Sea-Wall

Revetment projects, From large-scale BLM cadastral projects to

Mining Exploration and Production projects, our staff is well

versed in both the technical and logistical requirements of such


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